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YOU reSTART! is a project made and conceived by youth to support the work of youth and culture workers in the covid19 and post-covid19 era!

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The platform of YOUreSTART! is ready to use!

You can now find cultural activities through the "MAPPING" menu,
structure your own activities using the activities in the "TOOLKIT",
gather information on needs and approaches in the "REPOSITORY",
get inspired by the "WIKI",
learn from other youth and culture workers activities in the "VIDEO" section,
and share your own experiences and get to know other in the "VOICE".

latest news


YOU reSTART! acts as an one-stop-shop for cultural workers, where they can access resources, become part of the community and connect among them in order to strengthen their networks and their work

This is an interactive tool that collects ideas and definitions of terms related to the concepts of culture, art and creativity. The wiki changes progressively on the basis of the collective and active writing of the platform’s participants.

You can create a profile where you can interact directly with each other, you can upload videos or share existing ones from other platforms, you can visit the project’s wiki and even suggest content, you can read our blog posts and you can even submit your own posts (either with youR name or anonymously – whatever you prefer) as well as many other things that we hope you can find interesting 🙂


Video-narratives and testimonies that tell about cultural, artistic and creative activities carried out in different countries in Europe and the rest of the world.

Trying to reinvent youth work, not only as a consequence of the pandemic, but also as a modus operandi

Quote from the training in February 2022

Create events structured in such a way as to be accessible both online and in person

Quote from the survey in December 2021

Be part of the community, exchange experiences, contribute information, make friends and collaborate with others



The toolkit gathers tools, methodologies and good practices related to the development and implementation of youth workers’ entrepreneurial skills in the cultural, artistic and entrepreneurial skills…
digital space where the youth workers of the partner organisations can upload documents, projects and reflections for all users of the platform.
This is a mapping of the places where art and culture actions are ‘carried out’ at local level. In this area the active involvement of users is foreseen, who can enter, through a form to be filled in online, their points of interest with a brief description (photo or video) of the activity which will be validated by the administrators.


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