Gabriele Fiolo (fotografo) – Exhibition 2

Gabriele Fiolo (fotografo) - Exhibition 2

The dark sight of photography: laboratorio di fotografia con persone cieche e ipovedenti

“The workshop is aimed at blind and visually impaired people and starts from the belief that every person can express his or her imagination through the artistic language of photography.
The questions from which the artist started were: do blind people dream? Do they dream in color or black and white? Do they dream of sounds? Emotions? Memories? Photography is not just the creation of a visual product; it is a communicative process that involves all the senses. The purpose of photography in this project was to analyze one’s inner world, to challenge oneself by pushing us to dialogue with others by creating bridges to overcome barriers. And so blind people made a photographic exhibition, the magic was to transform imagination into image.”

Who can attend: blind and visually impaired people
Cost: free

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