Art and Social Consciousness

Art and Social Consciousness


The webinar (which addresses representatives of the youth, civic participation, arts, cultural and creative sectors) consists of the following four (4) modules:

  • Youth well-being and Arts participation
  • Tools and Practices for cooperation projects in the CCSs
  • Supporting young people in online participation
  • Engaging young people through social media and online spaces

No specific preparation is required.

Description of activity

The webinar is the product of “Building Better”, an Erasmus+ project that involves mainly youth organizations and organizations that are active in the fields of art and culture with the aim to “reinforce cross-sectoral cooperation with a focus on creativity and cultural awareness and social participation of youth”.


The training is free and is conducted online in an asynchronous way and provides the participants with tools and methodologies in order to find creative and innovative solutions to address the new challenges that were brought forth by the pandemic.


Overall, there are 4 modules with 25 units and 4 quizzes.