My highlights for the year

My highlights for the year


Plasticine, A4 paper

Description of activity

In the plenary explain the flow of the session – the participants will use plasticine (play-doh) for creating small 3D models that represent their achievements for the year so far. If you do the workshop at the beginning of the year, ask the participants to focus on the past year. 

The participants will have 15 min. to create their piece of art – it can be abstract, if they want, and they are free to choose colors, shapes, size, etc. They can focus on professional or personal highlights, and they will have the opportunity to share them with the rest of the group when they are ready. 


After 15 min. of individual work, ask the participants to come back to plenary and to share in the circle what they have created, showing the piece of art. If anyone does not feel comfortable, they are free to not share, but of course the group will benefit the most if all participants give their input briefly.


After everyone shares their story of the highlights for the year, make a short debriefing of the activity.


Ask the participants how they felt during the activity, was it easy or difficult to focus on a specific highlight, to represent it in this creative way, and to share with the group; what are their key take-aways from the activity?