🟪 Creativity (Arrabal-AID)



Inspiration, recycled, disconnection, wannabe, increased, mental health, important, needed, mental health

Creativity ways needed to be changed using innovation technologies, imagination and current conditions. Of course, the mind of people at first time was eclipsed by the fear of the unknown. Someone was sad, someone was afraid, someone – angry, but it was only an adaptation period. Having cured negative emotions, people’s mind began to change for the better way. By accepting the inevitability of the situation and the new conditions, people have become much more creative. After this period, a large number of innovations appeared for humanity, for example, many businesses were transferred from offline to online format, many new services, services, types of services, even arts appeared. Having a busy mind allowed you to escape not only from world reality, but also from the confinement of your own home, living together all the time.



images from the workshops