Patras Cultural Organisation

Patras Cultural Organisation


Intellectual Artistic Center of Patras & Production of Cultural Events Utilizing the potential of young people in particular by devoting their free time to spiritual and artistic events and their education and promotion to higher levels of these activities, in order to benefit themselves and society in general.
Municipal Art Gallery Development of art education and aesthetic education through all modern forms of artistic expression
Municipal music school The dissemination of music in the municipality of Patras, the cultural development of the inhabitants of the municipality and the provision of music education aims at educating and informing young people, as well as concerts, seminars, lectures and teaching at conservatories of Patras and the Region, the organizing concerts and other cultural events.
Art Workshop The Art Workshop of the Municipality of Patras was founded in 2000 and is part of the wider context of the efforts of the Cultural Organization. It is housed in the neoclassical building of the old Municipal Hospital and is a place of essential meeting with the various aspects and aspects of the visual arts. In this direction there are departments in different sectors and levels, aimed at both children and adults.
Traditional music The cultivation of the art of music, the entertainment of the citizens and the contribution for the most brilliant conduct of religious, national and local festivals through the presence of the Band and the Bandina.





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