In this section you can find videos from 15 young artists and culture workers from Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain and Greece, who shared with us their work and gave us a glimpse into their lives. Feel free to view them and draw inspiration from their practices!

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Italy 1 - Ilaria Delli Paoli

Ilaria Delli Paoli

Artist in Social Cooperative

Italy 2 - Gabriele Fiolo

Gabriele Fiolo


Italy 3 - Davide Brasiello

Davide Brasiello

Communication manager in small community organisation



A festival which grew out of the initial efforts of a group of film enthusiasts, who managed to restore the Pierrot cinema.

Italy 5 - ARCI MOVIE


Arci Movie was founded in 1990 in Ponticelli with the goal of bringing back into operation the Pierrot Cinema Theater

Greece 1 - Myrto Vasilopoulou

Myrto Vasilopoulou

Chemist creating natural cosmetics

Greece 2 - Konstantinos Koutsioumpos

Konstantinos Koutsioumpos


Greece 3 - Niki Manolopoulou

Niki Manolopoulou


Bulgaria 1 - Georgi Nikolov

Georgi Nikolov

Foundation SEED

Bulgaria 2 - Dobrina Kisova

Dobrina Kisova

Toplocentrala – Regional Centre for Contemporary Art in Sofia

Bulgaria 3 - Delyana Angelova

Delyana Angelova

Visionary Foundation

Spain 1 - Alejandro López

Alejandro López

Visual artista and PhD student at the University of Vigo. 

Spain 2 - Anastasia Kosheleva

Anastasia Kosheleva

Dancer and profesional artist

Spain 3 - Merche Moriana

Slovenia 1 - Daniela Hocevar

Daniela Hocevar

Daniela Hocevar is a dance teacher, with several gold medals both around the world and in Slovenia. Her work is based on teaching children, young people and adults different types of dance, movement and creative expression, in which she is very successful. In this short video, he talks about his experience of working during the pandemic, resourcefulness, creativity and adaptation so that everyone still could enjoy the freedom of music and dance again.

Slovenia 2 - Emilija Milinkovic

Emilija Milinkovic

Emilija Milinkovic graduated from the Conservatory in Padova. He has been involved in music since childhood and plays several instruments. There are numerous performances from her, and what makes her special is that she transfers all her knowledge of music and singing to work with children and helps them overcome difficult moments growing up. Today, she talks about coping with the pandemic as well as observing her students and the methods that together helped them to be successful in what they do.

Slovenia 3 - ...

Collective of Artists


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