Romantso, the former printing plant of the infamous “Romantso” magazine, is situated in the historical center of Athens and functions both as an incubator for start-up companies within the creative industry and as a cultural center, organizing and hosting a variety of, accessible to the wider public, events, on a daily basis. The cultural center functions on a daily basis presenting a variety of activities for and from the city’s people and the incubator’s members, offering a wide range of events related to urban life, music, performances, visual arts, food, discussions, presentations and exhibitions.
Visitors and members of Romantso’s incubator can participate in the cultural center’s activities or just relax and socialize with friends and colleagues at the cafe. A vibrant venue of artistic creation is welcoming and involving the wider public in an open dialogue, aiming to influence the Athenian arts scene.





Anaxagora 3, Athens 10552

+30 21 6700 3325