Carovana Pedagogica WEB

Carovana Pedagogica WEB


It is a collection of cultural prompts and proposals that you can use as educational inputs in the classroom, in educational centers, in the family and for your professional training. It is an action of Arci Nazionale’s ‘Rete CEET’ project: a platform that brings together educational meeting proposals for children, boys and girls aged 3 to 18, and training opportunities for adults.

The content for children and young people is created by musicians, actors, filmmakers, writers, storytellers, artists, and workshop experts in STEM disciplines, motor skills, art, and music.

Training opportunities for adults involve pedagogues, educators, psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, and many other experts.

Description of activity

The videos proposed by the caravan are all free to access and can be used as a self-training moment for teachers, educators and parents, or as class or group activities

The contents are designed especially for schools of all levels, for educational centers, and for families.

All proposals involve an interaction between the video and the in-presence activity.

Teachers, educators and parents can first view the content and then propose it to the class as an interactive tool: with capoeira, one can dance; with STEM labs, one can create scientific experiments; with theater, one can discover stories; with storytellers, one can listen to fairy tales with missing endings; with artists, one can create projects… Each content has its own pedagogical fact sheet on the website, which goes into more detail on the possible method of working with children and young people.

Digital content is designed to be a supplementary tool and not a substitute for action in the classroom or in educational centers.