Categories (word game)

Categories (word game)


To prepare for this game you either have to divide people into groups of 2 or all can play by themselves.

All of the participants need a pencil and a piece of paper.

Description of activity

On the top of the left side of the paper you write categories of words ( for example: cities, countries, food etc. )

On the top you draw a square with a place for a letter.

After everyone is ready everyone takes a turn of choosing a letter. After a letter is chosen every group has to write a word for each category starting with that letter ( for example: Letter B: food: Broccoli, cities: Barcelona etc. )

The first person to complete the table with each word starts counting down from 10. After he/she reaches 0 everyone stops writing.

Each group then takes turn saying a word for 1 category.

If someone has a word that nobody has then the person gets 10 points. If a word is present more than once the person gets 5 points. If he doesn’t have any word then the person doesn’t get any points.

The group with the most points wins.