Young apprentice

Young apprentice


There isn’t much preparation to this activity.

All you need to do is prepare a few groups of young people and give them all the things needed to prepare a project ( for example a laptop, few sheets of paper to write up ideas and plans, and all other helpfull stuff )

Description of activity

This activity is based on British tv show “Young apprentice”:

Divide a group of young people into smaller groups ( about 2 to 3 people in a group ). We need to have at least 2 groups. 

The concept of the game is that every group has to come up with an idea for a made up business, product or a service ( something fairly easy to do in a span of given time ).

Every group can make their own concepts, write them on paper or even make a prototype out of scrap.

After the time is up, each group has to show and advertise their project in the best way possible.

After the presentations a group with the best idea is chosen as a winner.