YOUreSTART! Event in Spain

More than fifty young people from the Training Cycles of the IES Ben Gabirol in Malaga have learned about different programs and activities related to mobility, entrepreneurship, culture and social innovation.

Within the framework of the multiplayer event of the results of the Erasmus+ project YouReStart! whose objective is to provide a proactive response to the emergency crisis caused by COVID19, by youth organizations and workers engaged daily in activities to promote culture, art, creativity and the inclusion of young people. With this mission, the day has brought together the experience of five young people, as well as companies and social entities, in the field of culture, creativity, and youth actions that, as an example of proactivity, in the face of the pandemic and post-pandemic situation, have initiatives have been developed to promote entrepreneurial culture in these areas.

During the day we had the opportunity to have five young people, who have participated in a cultural exchange, sharing their experience of the activities carried out, and how it has helped them to learn new techniques, meet artists and above all put it into practice, such as the video that they edited and showed for the occasion, as a means of expression and transmitting ideas.

Next we had Roberta Albertazzi, from Internet Web Solutions, who shared her own experience as a female entrepreneur in the digital field, and the projects that develop tools for the development of ideas and professionals. Together with her, Francisco José Guijas, from It Solutions for all, a social entity in some of its projects, highlighted the social and inclusive part that we must give to all activities, because with the pandemic we have verified how many needs that we thought were covered were not they are, and it has been the citizens who gave them a solution, with creativity and effort.

To end the event, from Arrabal-AID we share the results of YouReStart! Erasmus+ project, where together with the entities ARCS, Cyclisis, DRPDNM, Association “Professional Forum for Education” we have launched the platform virtual space, where to find significant experiences and methodological and operational materials of the associative, cooperative and entrepreneurial realities of the 5 partner countries, committed to the inclusion of young and old in participatory processes, live and digitally, through art, culture, creativity and the constant strengthening of transversal skills.

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